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An anagram is a pair of words that use the same letters, just in a different order.

Mother-in-law =Woman Hitler

The earthquakes =That queer shake

Debit card =Bad credit

Slot machines =Cash lost in 'em

School master =The classroom

Eleven plus two =Twelve plus one

Dormitory =Dirty room

Punishment =Nine Thumps

Desperation =A rope ends it

The Morse code =Here come dots

Snooze alarms =Alas! No more Zs

A decimal point =I'm a dot in place

Astronomer =Moon starer

Fir cones =Conifers

The eyes =They see

Payment received =Every cent paid me

Conversation =Voices rant on

The public art galleries =Large picture halls,

I bet Election results =Lies – let's recount

Halley's Comet =Shall yet come

The Hurricanes =These churn air

Do you want to see if YOUR name contains an anagram?  Well, there are many different free anagram translators on the web.  All you have to do is type in a word or phrase, and it will automatically rearange the letters to make something new, and hilarious!  Just click HERE

Once again, there are too many sources to count.  If some of these are from your site, just post in my guestbook, and i would be happy to add your name and website!

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