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Even though i won't mention my name or anything personal, i will still tell you some neat stuff about myself!


I have a cat named zoey who is a mixed breed.  She has grey and white stripes.

My Friends

I have a lot of friends, and these are a lot of them.  If you are one of my friends, and you dont see your name on this list, just comment in my guestbook!
Here goes!
  • Jake S- Mostache hair!
  • Mike K- Mighty beans!
  • Jantsen M- Luv u lots!
  • Dianejo B- Evrybody under age drinking Pepsi!
  • Jake B- Dude, that thing u do with your pinky hurts!
  • Holly M- U remind me of a squirrel...
  • Clara M- Ur tree is fun to climb.
  • Joel G- remember when we went hunting for garbage behind my house?
  • Collin P- I wonder what you would look like as a blonde...
  • Landis G- hmmmm... ur funny
  • Sam S- HA! you played that one penguin guy in that play in 3rd grade!
  • Nick S- remember when my sis had her BF over and we played hide and seek in the dark
  • Heather A- There's no K in my name!
  • Andy A- Remember when you stuck that dice in your mouth?
  • Cody G- your lil bros. are good at wrestling!
  • David Z- haha.  It was funny when we voted red for that guy on cokemusic
  • Clarice M- How u doin, Amanda?
  • Sam P- "Are your cheeks tender?"

Dont worry- these names are NOT in any particular order!

My favorite Stuff

  • If you havent already noticed, my favorite animal is the penguin.
  • My favorite color is orange,
  • My favorite movie is Pleasantville
  • My favorite song is The day that I die 
  • My favorite singer/musician is Good Charlotte
  • My favorite actor is Adam Sandler

Privite stuff

Name: None of your buisness
Age: Why do you care?
Height: Somewhere between one and twenty feet
Weight: I dunno, why do you want to know?
Best friend: Hmmmm.... i got lots!!!
Girlfriend: Jantsen McBride
Birthday: The 32nd day of the 13th month of the year 1839
Street: Somwhere avenue
House number:3859274930275
State: Canada
City: That one place
Zip code: 6849586739482017493856283

I write Books

I write a book series called "Bob the Penguin".  This series is all over our school, and it is really neat.  The books are:
  1. Bob the Penguin
  2. Bob the Penguin 2: The Radioactive Ducks 
  3. Bob the Penguin 3: Jellystone National Park
  4. Bob the Penguin 4: Bob the Penguin meets Pete the Potato
  5. Bob the Penguin 5: The Square root of pi
  6. Bob the Penguin 6: Sandwich Island

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