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A palindrome is a sentance or phrase that is spelled the same way foreward and backwards.  For example, "Tray, be note sit, i set one by art" is spelled the same both ways.  Check for yourself! 
Even if many of these dont really make sense, they are still really fun to look at!

Don't nod

A dog! A panic in a pagoda!

A man, a plan, a canal, Panama!

A Santa at NASA

A tin mug for a jar of gum, Nita.

A Toyota...race car...a Toyota!

Ah, Satan sees Natasha.

And DNA and DNA and DNA...

Bald elf fled lab

Bosses sob

Camp Mac

Cigar? Toss it in a can. It is so tragic.

Dee saw a seed

Delia sailed

Delia sailed, eva waved, elias ailed

Devil lived

Did Hannah say as Hannah did?

Did Dean aid Diana? Ed did.

Did I draw Della too tall, Edward? I did!

Do geese see God?

Doc, note, I dissent, a fast never prevents a fatness. I diet on cod.

Dog sees God.

Dogma, I am God.

Don did nod

Drab as a fool, aloof as a bard.

Draw, o coward!

Dumb mud.

Ed is loopy poolside.

Egad! A base tone denotes a bad age.

Elim saw a smile.

Elk rap song? No sparkle.

Emil saw a slime.

Enid and Edna dine

Euston saw I was not Sue

Evil I did dwell; lewd did I live

Evil, all its sin is still alive.

Flee to me, remote elf

Gate tag

Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog.

Golf? No sir, prefer prison flog.

I led some to Hot Emo's Deli

I love me, VOL. I

I, madam, I made radio. So I I mad, am I?

I, man, am Regal. A German am I.

Key lime, Emily, ek!

Lace decal

Lager, sir, is regal.

Lap pal

Last egg gets Al!

Lee has a race car as a heel.

Lew, Otto has a Hot Towel

Liam was in a tub, but Ani saw mail.

Lion oil

Live Evil,

Live not on evil.

Loot tool

Ma handed Edna ham

Ma is as selfless as I am.

Mad at Adam

Madam, I'm Adam

Marge lets Norah see Sharon's telegram

Mega gem

Mr. Owl ate my metal worm.

Murder for a jar of red rum.

Naomi, did I moan?

Neil A. sees alien!

Neil an alien?

Net ten

Never odd or even

Niagara, o roar again!

No lava on Avalon; no lava, no Avalon. (Note: Avalon is the place where King Arthur is buried.)

No melon, no lemon.

No miss. It is Simon

No misses ordered roses, Simon

No panic... I nap on

No way a papaya won!

No X in Nixon?

No, Mel, onward! Draw no lemon!

No, sir! Away! A papaya war is on!

No, son

Not a ton.

Not a tub, but a ton

Not New York, Roy went on

Now I won!

Now, sir, a war is won!

Nurse, I spy gypsies, run

Nurses Run

Oh, who was it I saw? Oh, who?


One? No!

Pals slap

Panic in a Titanic, I nap!

Pat and Edna tap

Pets step,

Poor Dan is in a droop

Pot top

Pull up if I pull up

Pull up, Eva! we're here! Wave! Pull up!

Pull up

Pupils, I say, as I slip up

Race car

Rat 'n' tar

Rats live on no evil star

Rats' star

Red rum, sir, is murder

Rise to vote, sir

Roy, am I mayor?

Sages use gas

Satan, oscillate my metallic sonatas.

Senile felines

Sh! Tom sees moths.

Sir, I soon saw Bob was no Osiris.

Sir, I'm Iris.

Sit on a potato pan, Otis

Slap a ham on Omaha, pals!

Snug guns

Some men interpret nine memos

Spam maps Spot sees tops.

Stanley Yelnats [A palindrome name was used as a character in the book "Holes" by Louis Sacher]

Step on no pets!

Stop racecar pots!

Strap racecar parts

Straw warts

Straw? No, too stupid a fad. I put soot on warts.

Stressed desserts

Stunt nuts!

Swap paws

Tell Abe to vote Ballet

Ten animals I slam in a net.

Todd erases a red dot

Too bad I hid a boot

Too fat a foot

Trapeze part

Too hot to hoot (as in hooting like an owl)

Tuna nut.

U.F.O. tofu.

War, sir, is raw.

Was it a bar or a bat I saw?

Was it a bat I saw

Was it a car or a cat I saw?

Was it a cat I saw

Was it a hat I saw

Was it a mat I saw

Was it a pat I saw

Was it a rat I saw

Was it a vat I saw

Was it Tim's mitt I saw?

We sew

We'll let dad tell Lew

Wo, Nemo! Toss a lasso to me now!

Wonton? not now!

Yawn a more Roman way

Yo! Banana Boy!

Dogma: I am God

Never odd or even

Too bad – I hid a boot

Rats live on no evil star

No trace; not one carton

Was it Eliot's toilet I saw?

Murder for a jar of red rum

May a moody baby doom a yam?

Go hang a salami; I'm a lasagna hog!

Satan, oscillate my metallic sonatas!

A Toyota! Race fast... safe car: a Toyota

Straw? No, too stupid a fad; I put soot on warts

Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era?

Doc Note: I dissent. A fast never prevents a fatness. I diet on cod

No, it never propagates if I set a gap or prevention

Anne, I vote more cars race Rome to Vienna

Sums are not set as a test on Erasmus

Kay, a red nude, peeped under a yak

Some men interpret nine memos

Campus Motto: Bottoms up, Mac

Go deliver a dare, vile dog!

Madam, in Eden I'm Adam

Oozy rat in a sanitary zoo

Ah, Satan sees Natasha

Lisa Bonet ate no basil

Do geese see God?

God saw I was dog

Dennis sinned

Able was I ere I saw Elba.

A Dan, a clan, a canal - Canada!

A Danish custard - drat such sin, Ada

Add 'A'

A dim or fond 'No' from Ida.

A dog! A panic in a pagoda!

Age, irony, Noriega.

Revenge beg never.

Sega mist file lifts images.

Do go to God.

A garrets ULTRA, stereo's time Mega. I a Gaia Gem. Emits O'er ET's art luster. Raga.

Top so two hand be wise to notes. I web DNA how to spot.

Word door ever O' odd row.

Lion Eden one den oil.

Lion Eden I art civic train. Eden oil.

Part Tent fish saw kayak wash, sift net trap.

Ye knit all Latin key.

Trade notes use toned art.

Trade notes sap radar, pass ET one dart.

Red nut Newt went under.

Sun even us.

Look at that last palindrome. If you start at the letter V, going either way, you get the word ''Venus.'' You get it once forward and once backwards.

Won Red Rod Order now.

Red.... now ye know strata seen keys Gold eyed logs, ye knees at arts won key wonder.

Leg name got definitely Grail Latin. Knit all, I Argyle tin. I fed to Gem Angel.

ET one note.

Note sorry as a Yr. Rose ton.


Now I won.

Leg name God Lore lit radar. Tiler old O Gem Angel.

Ye knee Sega rim radar mirage seen key.

No same, not Stonemason.

No we here! Here he won.

Seer Gate set agrees.

Namu help misfit if simple Human.

Seer gag agrees.

Ye knee seen key.

At ad, Red lone poet agrees as a Seer Gate open older data.

Ward Romeo pen one poem or draw.

Ten sit wars!..... it is raw, 'tis net.

Space race Man sees name care Caps.

Space race Man forever of name care Caps.

Name pace race Man note be ton name care. Cape Man.

Ye knit Alder a cared Latin key.

Play Latin on Italy Alp.

Pal and Rome gem or DNA lap.

Lie veil.

On my Hykso Zo sky Hymn O.

Er' I free Sega space. Race lifts images. A Sega mist file care. Cap Sage Seer fire.

Semantic it names.

T'e Reb Rae Drake Red Draco card. Derek ar' dear Beret.

ET on a note.

Tray be by art.

Tray be no one by art.

Tray be note tone by art.

Tray be note, get one by art.

Tray be toned Ede note by art.

Moor broom trading. I space cap sign, I Dartmoor broom.

Tray be note sit, I set one by art.

Name care Caps Red letter. Brett elder space race Man.

Tray no be sit. Peking is a sign I kept.... is Ebony art.

Made Mag-Lev elf on my hit list. O Gaia got silt I Hymn of level game dam.

Sega Raga stars eyes. Rat saga rages.

Mirror Red elder Fred led error rim.

ET is drawn in at an inward site.

Sedona nodes.

Gold ET a ripe page ton, now on note. Gape pirated log.

Draw a war den. I free Seer fine draw award.

Tin word Tao Maple hot Tec. Ten, I art bus Red nut cadet in UFO. Code ''Life Vita.'' Rep. Odessa passed operative file doc. of United Act under sub train, etc. ET to help a moat drown ''it.''

Tao meld: Dirt is word, er' I fit ''it.'' A DNA elf I rifle and at ''it'' I fired row sit riddle moat.

ET Adder a dared date.

Red dates ET Adder.

Gold: Er' Rat sat Adder flare tale boats, it is Tao, be later ALF Red data starred log.

Mode robber dirt or a Tarot rid Reb boredom.

Girl lot trams Red nut lock Colt under smart toll rig.

A garret fade Red after Raga.

Stunt: New Yorker trek Roy went nuts.

Stunt: New York City tick Roy went nuts.

Stunt name: ''Gem Ant.'' Nuts!

Spit war fog Reb, me' run tap Mac, at a camp at Nuremberg.... of raw tips.

A ninth girl award nominee seen I'm on draw, alright Nina.

Have ninth girl alright Ninevah.

Tame nut Rats Red net forever of tender Star tune mat.

Garth gin Knight rag.

Nail a Mosaic dero Clare definite bet in. I federal cored CIA Somalian.

See referees.

No web re-dips, radar spider be won.

No.... we bred IPS radar Spider. Be won.

ET is no war, 'tis sand. A DNA SS, ''it'' raw on site.

Pope garret fat care, poor Tara pages a Sega paratrooper act after rage pop.


Lia--Fail is the Cymric/Irish ''Stone of Destiny,'' of Arthurian Britain.

Tilt in a morning I star. Ye know I won key Rat sign in Roman ''it'' Lit.

Tilt in a morning I star at sign in Roman ''it'' Lit.

Rat sign in Roman is not so lost on sin. A morning I star.

A garret t'e be better Raga.

Re-peek O Zeta Gate Zo Keeper.

Ye knit Newt ride, be dirt went in key.

Red net tin, I win it tender.

Or clever, I hire Velcro.

O Tokyo Japan snap a joy Koto.

Liar Tec in. An Os tile ton fist in at ''it.'' Titan ''it's'' if note lit Son a nice trail.

Leg name God Lore, her old O Gem Angel.

Leg name God Lore lit ye key. Tiler old, O Gem Angel.

Suez O' Zeus.

Lana Co-Zeus O' Gaza, go Suez O' Canal.

Motto: He yell, Alan rut contact. Cat nocturnal all eye hot Tom.

See!....... Staff fat sees.

Title felt it.

Rats go do diary raid O' Dog Star.

Ye no help pass apple honey.

Ye no help Pa's apple honey.

ET I Bes rap. Soothsayers as Rey ash too sparse bite.

Rey is Spanish and means: King.

CIA's O medal be not SS. Patria radar air taps stone blade Mosaic.

I Laila Ali, I la Ali, Ali.

Edith tide.

Titanic in at ''it.''

Bruce Nase, he sane curb.

Red Rob ET...... a' get in a mirror or rim a nite Gate border.

Red Robe tag ET in a mirror or rim a nite Gate border.

Red Robe tag radar gate border.

Drown in word.

Drown in an in word.

Drown in at an in word.

Drown on as an on word.

Made nut penned lone Monitor rap at a Parrot in Omen. Olden Neptune dam.

Pull Astra tan inward site, draw no evil deed, live onward. ET is drawn in at Arts all up.

Pull a wall up.

Made Nile Tadpoles use lop date line dam.

Emit a tap, use Magneto, do ten games up at a time.

Flow ten game nut penned log. Forever of Golden Neptune Magnet Wolf.

Ye Knight I was a signal. Solo slang is as a' with Gin key.

Warning, I sign in RAW!

A rash self warning, I sign in raw flesh Sara.

Sega Raga saga rages.

Emu lover up DC trades. Simple LP missed art, CD pure volume.

Go fan on a fog.

Go land a DNA log.

Go home demo Hog.

Net tore, be rotten.

Derek all life he fill Lake Red.

Derek a' make Red.

Derek a' rake Red.

Derek all Latin knit all Lake Red.

Liar grey...... Lo, Holy Er Grail.

Liar grey...... Lo, here Holy Er Grail.

Liar grey...... Lo, Hymn on my Holy Er Grail.

Liar grey...... Lo, here hero Lore, here Holy Er Grail.

Liar grey...... Lo, here Hymn on my here Holy Er Grail.

Liar grey...... Lo, here hero Lore. Hymn in my hero Lore, here Holy Er Grail.

Tao: Grail sees liar goat.

Lived and a sign.... I suggest ''it's'' egg using is a DNA devil.

A Santa Claus U.N. UFO's elf furniture Man sees NAME rut in ruffles of unusual Cat NASA.

A Cronos is on Orca.

A Cronos to idiot son Orca.

A Cronos Tiw elf to idiot flew ''it's'' on Orca.

A Cronos reptilian, I nail ''it'' person Orca.

A Cronos reptilian, ''it'' I here hit, I nail ''it'' person Orca.

Terra God of fats: A Pluto not Su! Cronos reptilian, ''it'' I here hit, I nail ''it'' person Orcus ton. O Tulpa Staff O do garret.

Terra God of fats in my hand, a DNA Hymn I Staff. O do Garret.

Go do fun on my hero Lore Hymn on UFO Dog.

Name life raft at fare file Man.

Space race radial Redd. UFO made life Man.... and ten a note. Go Gaia go, get on an ET DNA name file dam of udder. Laid are care caps.

Won 'Key Red'......lob inward net. Toronto got no rotten draw. Nib older, ye know.

Naming Isiah Thai sign. I Man.

Drowning Isiah Thai sign in word.

DNA lop Olson Oslo Poland.

DNA lops Olson Oslo's Poland.

Red dare Her Adder.

Masonic I name manic... I no SAM.

Go forge, ''Naming'' is a sign I'm a Negro fog.

Naming is a sign I Man.

Piss Oger... I dire gossip.

Busy cult Cat eye tact..... Lucy sub.

Busy cult a fat Lucy sub.

Raw go fog of UFO go fog war.

Raw fog of war.

Maine pen I am.

Maine Zen I am.

Go fair Erec Rosy subdue feud, busy Sorcerer. I a fog.

Duo lad aloud.

Duo laps ESP aloud.

Duo Lake Red at a Derek aloud.

An ''it'' rocks.... ask Cortina.

Won't I decide medic edit now.

Dare knit an ''it'' in a Tinker ad.

Knit an ''it'' in at ink.

Tao Con, I'm Amino Coat.

No rig, I be big iron.

No Reb Mane pen Amber on.

No ride Red iron.

Drowsy no rip irony Sword.

Seen I'm one ESP, see nominees.

Tactic I game Magic it Cat.

Tactic I game. Nordic ''it'' tall. I know.............. is I won kill attic. I drone Magic it Cat.

Red lame open Odic. I no rib. Ironic, I done poem Alder.

Red lobe gel ''it'' Rosy, subdue feud. Busy sortilege bolder.

Sortilege means: The act or practice of fortune telling by drawing lots. Sorcery, witchcraft, diviner.

Dale rules, use lure lad.

To order a Red root.

To order civic Red root.

Tibetan ate bit.

Semanta trait I art at names.

Staff on my hat at a Hymn of fats.

No 'Sir Pet' at State Prison.

Max exile has DNA heritage. Mega tire hands a helix exam.

Name made Dunbar Arab nude dame man.

Ever of one note: Lame FEMA dame female tone no for Eve.

Duo Latin rub flower if radar fire Wolf burn ''it'' aloud.

Smash pat I..... Petro pass a cassa port epitaph, SAMS!!!!

Never even us......... O Sun ever even.

Ya, we fast at Safeway.

Won key word row ye know.

Ye knot a ton key.

Trade bill I will, I be dart.

Leg name God Lore. Litreo re-pee, knows draw OK cab. Enya Wallace be call a Wayne back O' wards. Won Keeper O'er Tiler.... old O Gem Angel.

Leg name God Lore lit radar. Tiler old O Gem Angel.

Trace car wash saw race-cart.

Teneriffe: Era reef fire net.

Now as a' he has a' won.

Ye know as a' he has a' won Key.

ET a ripple..... hot to idiot. Pull a wall up to idiot to help Pirate.

Tesla Hal set.

Tesla pal set.

Tesla pal's ET.

Go Lore Hydro Lordy Hero log.

To order drawn, Italia news at six exist as we nail at inward Red root.

Tired...... no pot to ponder ''it.''

Tao be lateral, felt busy my subtle flare tale boat.

Won't it now.

Won't I fit now.

Won't I hit now.

Deer fossil Ape Man name pal, is so freed.

Navy: A pet army gym rate pay van.

Gold eyed log.

Gold eyes eyed log.

Do Geese, yet elixir tame. Morning I star as a Rat sign in Rome Matrix, I let eye see God.

Won note: Gape pirated log O' gold. ET a ripe page ton now.

Tin run Asp MIR. Evil seen a Kokanee sliver imps, an Urn ''it.''

Okanagan a KO.

Crash test at Seth's Arc.

Crash site be Tish's Arc.

Crash site fetish's Arc.

Go do Zoe divine be Rose, he sore Ben. I video Zo Dog.

Nano Conan.

Nano is Greek and means: Dwarf.

A Valhalla do God Allah lava.

Tore dam dirt up and evils, ''it's'' Krull lurks, 'tis live DNA putrid made rot.

Tiw be web wit.

Tiw elf Tiu's radar suit flew it.

Warden: I frees foe, yet elixir tame be Matrix, I let eye of Seer fine draw.

Ye kid row same. Go two here. He Tor win my Hero Lore Hymn. I wrote here how to Gem a Sword I key.

A gas liar......... Gaia Grail saga.

Red data fat Adder.

Ye know in a Man I won key.

Gold axe do clan rut contrast, it's art nocturnal codex. AD log.

Ye knee key not ill, all I ton. Ye keen key.

Gnostics: I disc ''it'' song.

Ye kiss image, Sega Miss I key.

Er' I FAX, O be faster rage: Not so fun in UFO stone garret safe box..... a fire.

We do 'E' tone. File Rod a' in my hand. Sign I sing is DNA Hymn I adore. Life note O' dew.

Sega Staff on my help. Pan at an apple Hymn of fat Sages.

Staff on my Harold, a sad Lora Hymn of fats.

DNA Hymn I tall. Lore call lace roll Latin, my hand.

DNA Hymn in my hand.

DNA Wand.

Hall all Allah.

Tone war events I mist never. Awe not!

Remaining..... I sign in...... I am er.'

Nell, use us, sit a tissue sullen.

Ere, help mist. RAD ET in, use us, sit at tissues. United art simple here.

DARPA elite craft never a bar event, far Ceti leap RAD.

Do genu RAF on my hot ward. DNA knit is DNA help. A Maple hand sit, ink and draw to Hymn of a Rune God.

Won pun gist, sign up now.

DNA salad named a jade Mandala 'Sand.'

At Cat ratio I daring, I sign, I radio ''it'' Art Act 'A.'

Demand a fad named.

Diary menace be cane my raid.

Now er' be Hebrew on.

Barak OK Arab.

Tide Man Gate sir, level rise tag named ''it.''

Pale Nile female carrot cadet saw a wasted actor race lame feline.......... lap.

GI boot too big.

Too big as a GI boot.

Won Key Red, lob inward civic draw. Nib older ye know.

Tray be notes, it is ET one by art.

Play Latin, I pen one pin Italy Alp.

Semitic BC I times.

Sega Raga stars eyes of us. Mirror rims UFO's, eyes Rat. Saga rages.

Yr. Rose be sorry.

Spit and civic DNA tips.

Code volt at love Doc.

Rat signal slang I star.

Sega Mister Raga Garrets images.

Sega mist file lip tray by art pile..... lifts images.

Ye Kate Snow radar won set a key.

Tamala Edwards draw deal a mat.

Reno Lore Hymn on my Hero loner.

Deer be here, Her old Lore here he breed.

Note cast it's Ace ton.

Camp at Nuremberg..... Reb..... me' run tap Mac

Red now at an inward site, yet is drawn in at a wonder.

Pull a comedy demo call up.

Some demo's.

Red root pull a comedy a day. Demo call up to order.

Met system.

Trash sack cash's art.

Red now a sign O' Sega Raga. Garage song is a wonder.

Note film life ton.

Note file life ton.

O got power crisis as I Sir Crew op to go.

Tao more, he's act under at a Red nutcase hero moat.

Play by no bedroll Lord Ebony by Alp.

Note film ET system life ton.

O Gold eyes eyed logo.

To order drawn in at an inward Red root.

Note pad a mad Ape ton.

Ye knees tip pops all, as pop pit seen key.

Ya just ink as a knit Sujay.

I lad, a Red root to order a Dali.

ET's Apollo paste.

Ya KO tone of seven, Eve's foe none of seven, Eve's foe not okay.

GI buoy's bank nabs you big.

As Ant ink pots level, stop knit NASA.

As Ant ink pot sets, Apollo pastes top knit NASA.

Spots knit NASA, fares use RAF as Ant ink stops.

Pots knit NASA Red root to order as Ant inks top.

Er' I Terra, we're here, war retire.

Leo now two Noel.

Fares use RAF.

Flares use Ralf.

Tares use Rat.

Wares use raw.

Mares use Ram.

So I dares UFO to fuse radio's.

Tao by no bedroll Lit. Made no trace, he cart one dam till Lord Ebony boat.

As UFO's by rot, so story BS of USA.

As UFO's by rot say a story BS of USA.

Made Poco two, he rust one of seven, an Eve's foe not sure how to cope dam.

Noreen.......... knee Ron.

Red log genome lemon egg older.

Red log genome Gem on egg older.

Tel., Lord O' Rome, demo rod roll ET.

Tip see not as simple help. Miss a tone ESP. ''it.''

Not as simple has a NASA help. Miss a ton.

Drowning is a drowsy Sussex of delight Ron. A north G.I. led Foxes Susy word, a sign in word.

Name pan a won site yes, a reign in Romania rain, a morning I erase, yet I snow an Apeman.

Name pan a won site yes, a reign in Romania ring is a sign I rain a morning. I erase Yeti snow.... an Apeman.

Red dare dirt a Deer by order. North GI led no mist farce. Capstone Rollright rib drowning is a drowsy Sussex of leg nano. I to pen, I placid. Ron emit part, grasp Capt. Send O God roll eon Saged art data strata. Not never tell all ET. Derek astral lot den naps. ET agrees flower of a DNA busy rot. I'm Rod of UFO dormid raw Lion. I seen I'm one ESP. ''it'' Red rode ye boy as definitely Key do go to stub. Tao cotton ye knit flew it. Tara decoding is Sega mist ink DNA help. Met Tanis Rat Staff. One draw damn it all in at a nil Latin mad warden of fat stars in at temple. Hand knits images sign. I do Cedar at ''Tiw Elf'' tin Key, not to coat, but so to go dye Kyle tin I fed. Say obeyed order, tip see nominees in oil war. Dim Rod of UFO dormitory sub, and afore Wolf. Seer Gate spanned toll. Art sake. Red tell all ET re-vent on at arts at ad trade gas. Noel Lord O' God nest. Pa Cap Sarg, trap time. Nordic Alpine potion. Angel Foxes Susy Sword. A sign in word birth girl Lore, not spacecraft. Simon delight Ron Red Roy breed at ''Rider Adder.''

Pal and race mortal lad all at Rome car DNA lap.

Name ''it'' at file ton, a note lift a tie man.

Red load an actor, a Tarot. Canada older.

Made rife, not nil go two tree Deer tow to glint one fire dam.

Tina Tarot Canada older, bred load, an actor at an ''it.''

At arts: Art is Star rail folio's serial bus. Diary nom ''it.'' Settle Celt test on snap Tao Grail at a liar goat Pan snot. Settle Celt testimony! Raid sub lair ''es'' soil of liar. Rats sit Ra strata.

The word ''es'' is German and means: It. Ra is ancient Egyptian and means: Sun or Sun God with head of a Hawk and wearing a solar disk as a crown. Tao is Chinese and means: The way.

Red Ron in order.

To order Red lad el law Tao Magna starter rut. Ye key turret Rat sang a moat walled Alder Red root.

I spits eugenic caved nano, it all ET's nocturnal plan rut, constellation and ''E'' vaccine. Guest I Psi.

Set on Dero clan rut constellation Ursa Major, a Taro jam as run. O I tall ET's nocturnal cored notes.

Nocturnal cored notes go logo log set on Dero clan rut Con.

Turning in Ebony by no benign in rut.

Tiu cricket, ''it'' I Tek circuit.

Go game Magog.

Rot Canada older foe Lore Heracles sum civic mussel care, he role of Red load, an actor.

At art saga strata.

Pastel battle Celt tablet sap.

Era was in, is aware.

Sun egg genus.

Sun a gross organus.

SUN: Is it in us?....... SUN: It is in us.

That last palindrome is one of the most coolest palindromes I've found so far. The first half of this palindrome--- as you can see--- asks a question, then the second half answers the question. This is what I call a true ''Cryptic Link,'' in that, there exists a belief which I agree with, and that is, that we all are solidified sunlight.

Sun is in us.

Deficit symbol slob mystic I fed.

Trades used art.

ET ad names use mandate.

To order Red lass Alder Red root.

Rent Raptor a Tarot partner.

Made nut penned Lore. Peek ET again, a mania Gate Keeper, olden Neptune dam.

The acronym ET is used lot's in my palindromes. ET means ''Extraterestrial'' obviously..... but wait.... Et is a French word and means: And. Still yet, Et is a Hebrew word and means: Pen. The word ''dam,'' beside being an English word, 'tis also a Hebrew word, and means: Blood.

Traitor Pirates knife fink set a rip. Rot I art.

Traitor knife fink rot I art.

Pirates traitor knife fink rot, I art set a rip.

No Reb..... O to idiot Oberon.

Norseman radar names Ron.

Lot sip regular a luger pistol.

We fad order, we do dew, Red Rod a few.

Redd adapt, O hot pad Adder.

Redd adapts, O host pad Adder.

Frustrate: Set art surf.

We play O Royal pew.

We pure Peru pew.

We pen one pew.

Do pen one pod.

Set Arcon...... extend as time elapses. Radars ESP ale emits ad net Xenocrates.

Set Arc on....... extend as time elapse radars to idiots. Ra dares pale. Emits ad net Xenocrates.

Sega mist filer. I free Sages at a Mega page. Sega Pa Gem at a Sega Seer fire. Lifts images.

Sega mist filer I free, so Seer fire lifts images.

No mist. I art rail tide ''it.'' I edit liar traits. I'm on.

No mist at Simon.

No mist Acadia, said a Cat Simon.

Name Mandala. A lad name Man.

Martial Arts Astrala ''it'' Ram.

Pale face cafe lap.

Let O he tile tint. Alright I with girl at Nite Lite Hotel.

Ye Kitaro Rat I key.

Won note, gape pirated log O' gold, ET a ripe page ton now.

Pirates gold log set a rip.

Ye knit a late Zo Staff fits at NASA. Deer sparkle, Elk raps Reed. A Santa stiff fatso Zeta Latin key.

A Gemini fin I Mega.

A Sutra spin snips art USA.

Pass some moss sap.

Sit is atoll, let Romeo pen one poem or tell lot as it is.

Pass some fact cafe moss sap.

Pass it on, Otis sap.

Grass some moss Sarg.

Pass some of salt Atlas foe moss sap.

Madeline Nile dam.

Name: Kalaniemi, me' in a lake man.

Name no Satori music I sum. I rot as one Man.

Red order Ed Roder.

Note... rife. Call law Terra Gate tall... ''it'' sniper! ALF Redd Atlas to order tender sign O' Sega pure. Pallet flew on Staff of fat Snow Elf. Tell a Peru page song is Red net. Red root salt Adder flare pin still at ET. A garret wall lace fire ton.

Late memo date fill up loot, rack castle. Forts axe do Con Angels sent. I free Sega Sagan snag. A Sage Seer fitness leg nano codex. Astro felt sack, car tool pull if ET a dome metal.

Rats nag a Sage Seer fitness leg nano codex. Astro felt sack, car tool pull if I fill up loot rack. Castle forts axe do Con Angels sent. I free Sega Sagan Star.

Tired nut Canus Dog Anima. Mina God Sun act under ''it.''

Mina is Greek for ''silver coin.'' Anima is Latin and means: Soul.

Wolf Leno, Conan oat put up Tao nano Con elf..... low.

Mirages seen key radar, ye knees Sega rim.

Mirages seen key word ad radar Dad row, ye knees Sega rim.

Ward row Sega name of ''it.'' I foe! Manages word raw.

Raw Sega name be of a foe, be manages war.

Raw Sega name of mirage seen key of UFO, ye knee Sega rim foe manages war.

Senile mitten a Pan ET time line.

Ye knees a foe, lit a tile of a seen key.

Ye knee Sega rim of UFO. Mirage seen key.

Turn it up.... ''it'' I put in rut.

Tao by Sword sign, I won knee bark Latino, Sega rim DNA heritage Maya. Mega tire hand mirage Son. I talk Ra, been knowing, is drowsy boat.

So futile.... lit UFO's.

Tide tin uses a regal flag...... erases United ''it.''

Tide tin uses a regal flag...... erase Sun... ''it'' edit.

Tide tin uses a regal flag...... erases unit... edit.

Net time nut penned long. I sail at in war disk UFO Kayak of UK's. I drawn Italia sign olden Neptune mitten.

Net time nut penned long, I sign olden Neptune mitten.

Flew on saga Snow Elf.

''Titan,'' ''it'' sift cattle call. Lake Red daring. I sign, I radio ''it'' Art Act ''A'' at Cat ratio. I daring, I sign, I rad Derek, all la Celt tact fist in at ''it.''

Met ''it's'' ill list item.

Trader of UFO Red Art.

ET O' news at six, exist as we note.

Knit slug Omega pro for page Mogul stink.

Pastor Gibson or Cronos big rot sap.

Ye Kites say asset I key.

Passed art, ET agrees as a Seer Gate trades sap.

Aide Mesopotamian, aim a top os e-media.

The word ''Os'' could mean a number of things, some of which is English, where ''Os'' means: A bone. Also means: A mouth or opening. Then we have Osmium, a chemical. Oculus sinister, Latin. OS could mean: Old Saxon or Old Style. Ordinary Seaman.

A garret tell lists erupt at purest sill. Letter Raga.

Notes O' Tree Life, file er' to set on.

Live date. Grail Tinsel Apple help pale snit liar get a devil.

So fuses Mary, be magic, I game by Ramses UFO's.

Tap Gods Dog Pat.

To pedal a la depot.

Put on Maya dot, don't nod today, am not up.

Ye ''Kid Rock'' cord I key.

Do greed not on Deer God.

Pass some name mane moss sap.

Pass some life file moss sap.

Laid Axel apple, help Pa Lex a dial.

No Tiw! Olde yer' Grail, er' I fog rail, ''it'' I here hit. I liar..... go fire. Liar greyed low ''it'' on.

No Tiw! Old.... Lo, wit on.

Pineridge peg dire nip.

Sega page Staff on my heroic, I done pen Odic, I Ore Hymn of fat Sega pages.

Bald abnormal slam Ron..... bad lab.

Bald abnormal sin, Islam Ron bad lab.

Acrostic: It's Orca.

Acrospire rips Orca.

Ye knee key not ill, lit on ye keen key.

Tao be tile. Middle held dime lite boat.

A DNA Panda.

Wept at pew.

We Pray by ar' pew.

We pass a cassa pew.

Cassa is Italian and means: Money desk or Bank.

We pay a pew.

Slang is: Women O can aid a Diana cone. Mow signals.

Note: Can a Diana van aid an Ace ton?

Rat DNA and tar.

Era was aware.

Rev Astro pen: I LEM ''it's'' liar. Tec net six existence, trails timeline port saver.

Maranda nine DNA vigor Frog Ivan, den in a DNA Ram.

Noel laser if I fires all eon.

Noel laser. I faraway a war, a' fires all eon.

Raw Di puts an ''it'' can act in a stupid war.

Poland Warsaw was raw DNA lop.

Poland Warsaw was civic...... saw was raw DNA lop.

Poland Warsaw of UFO was raw DNA lop.

Networks? Ask row ten.

No ''SS''........ I hotline....... was set...... all late ''SS''...... awe nil...... to hiss on.

Not so bad a Boston.

Can race rock core Carnac.

Go fist Rat ink drawn in west at sewn inward knit arts I fog.

Tie blade Red Li we bewildered albeit.

See booze can Ace Zoo Bees.

Sega mist Raga beholder Rat starred...... Lo, he bag arts images.

No snow won Son.

Ward Red lost a Rats older draw.

Go do I darn radio Dog.

CIA so mash Sub Elf. Furnace can ruffle Bush S.A. Mosaic.

Tao by ruffled log of UFO Gold Elf fury boat.

Gold Elf furniture. Oz be won Red nugget at egg under no web. Zoe rut in ruffled log.

Gold Elf furred nut under ruffled log.

Tao by ruffled log roll or Gold Elf fury boat.

Go do fuse Dahlia stone, not sail Hades UFO Dog.

Deer Cory pyro creed.

Trap saw crate set Arc Wasp Art.

Trap saw crate sit egg under ruffled log at a Gold Elf furred nugget. I set Arc Wasp Art.

Tired nugget, I set Arc level. Crate sit egg under ''it.''

Bargain....... a mania grab!

Tired nugget. I set Arcona nano crate, sit egg under ''it.''

Bird I hand as if II love life. Man busy sprawling of Angi's. A raw folio pseudonym Raga hand liven afore dirk side Magyar Grail foe. Sir sew one flower Adder, Acadia's Reed. Yell a knit. Solitary sub Red let ESP in tie blare. Poor trot Canola's DNA Hebrew orgone pond on crash test. I be fast car at Majic I don at new word NASA lap. No ''SS''.... I hot. Strata be wise toned art, busy rare tile roll lot. Tie man date ''smart bomb'' in a buckled Astro pod. Red Romeo people on a train, Wolf Tahiti wing is a Tara obeyed order ''Tao Con.'' I'm a war in at ''it.'' Live war dot draw of U.N. mad nine paste. Trap saw crate sit egg under a ruffled log, as a Gold Elf furniture. Oz be won Red nugget. Am ash sub Elf furnace ton. God fog a jet after Raga sees a Garret fate jag of Dog. Note can ruffle Bush SAM at egg under no web. Zoe rut in ruffled log as a Gold Elf fur. A Red nugget is ET. Arc was part ET's. A pen in damn UFO ward to draw evil Titan. I raw amino coat. Red rode ye Boar at a sign. I wit, I hat flown, I art Noel Poe poem order. Do port sad Elk, cub. A nib mob tram set ad name ''it.'' Toll Lore literary sub trade notes I web at arts to His Son. Pal a sand row went an Odic.......... I jam tar. Act safe. Bit Seth's Arc. Nod?... 'nope'.... No grower be hand salon actor. Trooper albeit nips ET Elder. Busy Rat I lost. Ink alley Deer said a cared dare Wolfen owes rise of liar ''gray'' game disk rider of an evil DNA hag army. No due spoil of war!! A sign, a fog nil war Psy sub. Name file Vol: I..... if is a ''DNA hid rib.''

Go dynamic, I'm any Dog.

No dozy, bin' ''it'' nest. Sent in I, by: ZODON.

Tram life O' tag assign Ivory Roving. Is saga toe film art.

Tack casting: I bag a big nit sack.... Cat.

No dies.... O polo Poseidon.

Tara... I Reb, I Hiberia Rat.

A Cronid Odin Orca.

Rise Aesir.

Aesir means: Divine Heroes.

O Zoe divine hero's a sore hen. I video Zo.

O Zoe divine heroes UFO fuse Ore Hen. I video Zo.

Rot in a Java janitor.

Sega civic ages.

Net for often.

Tony Barreto Terra by...... not!

Tiw be web wit.

Golem on Gaia gnome log.

A Gas award a' draw a saga.

a' means: All or I.

Tore Id, lose soldier OT.

Tore Id, lost soldier OT.

Id is in the dictionary and means: Instinctual Drive.

Warden: I frees foe of Seer fine draw.

Ye kid row same. Go two here how to Gem a Sword I key.

Ye Kronburg Castle Celt sac grub nor key.

The word Sac is French and means: Sack.

Tip a mix in ''it.'' Separation a nano. I Tara pest, I nix, I map ''it.''

Nosy Federal flare defy Son.

Ozonol: I spell Epsilon O' Zo.

O' means: Of. O by itself means: Oh or O.

Ye hard nut Red nut Newt went under Tundra hey!

Tune file life nut.

Tune mile lime nut.

Tune lip level pile..... nut!

Tune lit civic tile nut.

Note lit level tile ton.

Tip used art rotator trades up it.

Red root put Astra rotor arts at: Up to order.

Red root put Astra racecar art. Sat up to order.

Red root put all Astra radar arts all at: Up to order.

Red root pull up a tall Astra gig. Arts all at a pull up to order.

Tip static, as ''it'' I plan, race be carnal pit, I sac ''it'' at spit.

Space linger. Gaia Greg Nile Caps.

Nicoderm re-Doc in.

Go day big rock. Corgi by a Dog.

Go day big a wag.... I by a Dog.

Go day by a Dog.

Not literal fair, a Maria flare tilt on.

You bat a data buoy.

Trap a word row apart.

Trap Mars a' has rampart.

Trap at..... as if I sat apart.

Trap ''it'' if I tip art.

Trap as if I sap art.

Trap a map art.

Flap at a tap ALF.

Flap a cap ALF.

We do name care Caps to go to order, a Red root O got space race Man O' dew.

Reba's a saber.

'Tis Lee free Sega rim radar mirage. Seer feels it.

Night life filth gin.

Ye knee seen key.

T'e Elf do O food fleet.

Alle Freemasons, no same er' fella.

Call Rae premonition: A nano ''it'' in. Om er' Pearl Lac.

No Seer feels ''it.'' Is Lee free Son?

Diary meld Nubian name 'Manna.' I bundle my raid.

Don't nod.

Put up.

Ye key.

Do God.

Put it up.

Go Dog.

Pull up.

Puff up.

Tao by art retro sorter tray boat.

Slang I stars. Send a Bo brute, he turbo badness Rat signals.

`Turn ''it'' in rut.

Tip Sir Cotton. Rub Rats, lets tell ''it.'' Till ET's Tel-Star burn OT, to crisp ''it.''

Rack cash's in if a Garret Fatima jot mail lace ye call. I am to jam ''it'' after Raga finish sack car.

RE-NU TV Tuner.

''RE-NU TV,'' a TV repair shop in Winnipeg, Canada.

Dim a tone Capitol civic lot, I pace not amid.

Dim ate tone, Capitol sees lot, I pace not. ET amid.

Ye Kit Pa Con one pen on O Capt. I key.

On answer be Hebrews nano.

Pass ward O' zinn, a Hannah tray be note forever of ET one by art. Han Nahanni Zo draws sap.

Zinn is German and means: ''Tin.''

Ye knots even. Eve's forever of seven, Eve's ton key.

Tie ye....... ''it.''

Tie ye eye....... ''it.''

Eye..... ''it'' sees, tie ye.

Ya piracy car I pay.

Space race divide care Caps.

Name race to space Cap so t'e care Man.

Reel at Star, sees Rats tale er.'

Name: 'Racinette,' bet ten I care Man.

Oh Cerise noir O sees or I one Sir Echo.

Rio noir.

Noir is French for: ''Black.''

La rip sand Aramaic, CIA Mara DNA spiral.

Ah.... tan Aramaic ore allied arts trade. I'll aero CIA Marana-Tha.

Sega's sema note set on ''A'' messages.

Sema means: A sign.

You oy sees, won Keys, ton Keys. Send er' ''it'' stress. All asserts tiredness, ye knots ye know sees you oy!

Gold 'ere he pan. I a Po Zeta design, I sing, I sedate Zo pain. Ape... he Red log.

Tie Man did name ''it.''

Tie line.... he Nile ''it.''

Sega mist file 'Care Race' lifts images.

Er' I free Sega space. Race lifts images. A Sega mist file care. Cap Sage Seer fire.

Er' if Reese gasp. Ace race lifts images, a Sega mist file care. Caps age Seer fire.

Er' I freeze gas pace. Race lifts image saga. Sega mist file care. Cap Sage Zeer fire.

No such word as ''Zeer.'' Though here I give this word meaning. It means: ''Electric Seer.''

Somalia janitor did rot in a jail..... Amos.

Somalia janitor at State Prison. Sees no 'sir pet' at 'Star O' Tina jail.... Amos.

Gold no bond log.

Lion Eden one pen Otis knit. I Noel Omega pro for page mole on ''it'' ink. Sit one pen, one den oil.

Mary ban net name Gem antenna by Ram.

Ski resort at Rose Rik's.

Do Gerard rare God.

Do Gerard a pad rare God.

Do Garrets.... sold loss.... Terra God.

No ''it'' net Tara. Luger. No Tiw tall at wit on regular attention.

Mary be Magdalen, a Dane lad game by Ram.

No is simple....... help mission.

To lip piss is simple, help Mississippi lot.

Nuts: Note rife. Call law Terra gate 'T' all ''it'' sniper! ALF Redd Atlas to order tender sign O' Sega pure. Pallet flew on Staff of fat snow. Elf tell a Peru page song is Red Net. Red root salt Adder flare pin still at ET, a garret wall lace fire ton stun.

Set am sere.... here's mates.

Late memo date fill up loot, rack Castle. Forts axe do Con Angels sent. I free Sega Sagan snag. A Sage Seer fitness leg nano codex. Astro felt sack, car tool pull if ET a dome metal.

Rat snag a Sage Seer fitness leg nano codex. Astro felt sack, car tool pull if I fill up loot rack. Castle forts axe do Con Angels sent. I free Sega Sagan Star.

A Dana Cotter Brett O' Canada.

Wolf Leno, Conan oat put up Tao nano Con elf....... low.

Mirage seen key radar, ye knee Sega rim.

Ye kelp meteor kayak roe Temple Key.

Roky Spider I wired, I Psykor.

No sin unison.

Space Caps.

Pact Cap.

A DNA Maria flat ice recital fair Amanda.

Distortion: A nano ''it'' rots Id.

Id is English and means: Instinctual Drive.

Ye help meteor Mars Ram roe Temple hey.

Toll Apollo data. NASA a Sanata Doll Opal lot.

Ward row Sega name of ''it.'' I foe! Manages word raw.

A lap miss I know, I won kiss Impala.

Ma'Nes I Zen am.

Raw Sega name be of a foe, be manages war.

Raw Sega name of mirage seen key of UFO, ye knee Sega rim foe manages war.

Time lines a senile mit.

Peels ''E'' rock core sleep.

Not set bust, sub test on.

Ye knots ET bust at sub test on key.

Ye no more Z's...... zero money.

A super prep USA.

A Sante Fe fat NASA.

Era flare ''Wolf One Tree.'' Seer ten of lower Al flare.

Revolt lover.

No cradle meld Arcon.

Bombing nib mob.

Net timelines a senile mitten.

Senile mitten, a Pan ET time lines.

Red order Ed Roder.

Red order bred Rod er.'

Ye knee's a foe, lit a tile of a seen key.

Ye knee Sega rim of UFO. Mirage seen key.

Turn it up, ''it'' I put in rut.

Tao by Sword sign, I won knee bark Latino, Sega rim DNA heritage.
Maya Mega tire hand mirage Son. I talk Ra, been knowing, is drowsy boat.

O futile lit UFO.

Tide tin uses a Regal flag……. erases United ''it.''

Tide tin uses a Regal flag……. erase Sun, ''it'' edit.

Tide tin uses a Regal flag……., erases unit, edit.

Net time nut penned long, I sign olden Neptune mitten.

Net time nut penned long. I sail at in war disk UFO of UK's. I drawn Italia sign olden Neptune mitten.

No ill. Image Snow elf tell a Peru, pages a Sega pure pallet flew on Sega million.

Flew on saga Snow Elf

A daffodil slid off Ada.

A Dan, a clan, a canal — Canada!

A nut for a jar of tuna.

A Santa at NASA.

A Santa deified at NASA.

A Santa dog lived as a devil god at NASA.

A Santa lived as a devil at NASA.

A Santa lives evil at NASA.

A Santa pets rats, as Pat taps a star step at NASA.

A Santa snaps pans at NASA.

A Santa snips pins at NASA.

A Santa spat taps at NASA.

A Santa spit taboo bat tips at NASA.

A Santa spits tips at NASA.

A Santa spots tops at NASA.

A Santa stops pots at NASA.

A Santa taps Pat at NASA.

A Santa's rats top Nat, as Satan pots tars at NASA.

A Toyota! Race fast, safe car. A Toyota.

A Toyota.

A Toyota's a Toyota.

A coup d'etat saved devastated Puoca.

A dog! A panic in a pagoda!

A dog, a pant, a panic in a Patna Pagoda.

A dog, a plan, a canal: pagoda!

A dum reb was I ere I saw Bermuda.

A man, a plan, a canal: Panama!

A man, a plan, a cat, a ham, a yak, a yam, a hat, a canal — Panama!

A medico: "Negro Jamaica? A CIA major genocide, Ma."

A new order began, a more Roman age bred Rowena.

A nut nosed itself; it stifles tides on tuna.

A pain — a blast — ah, that's Albania, Pa!

A pre-war dresser drawer, Pa!

A relic, Odin! I'm a mini, docile Ra!

A tin mug for a jar of gum, Nita.

A tip: save Eva's pita.

A war at Tarawa.

Able was I ere I saw Elba.

Age, irony, Noriega.

Ah, Aristides opposed it, sir, aha!

Ah, Satan sees Natasha.

Ah, Satan, dog-deifier! (Oh who reified God, Natasha?)

Ah, Satan, shall a devil deliver Hannah? Reviled lived Allah's Natasha!

Aim a Toyota tatami mat at a Toyota, Mia.

Al lets Della call Ed Stella.

Alan Alda stops racecar, spots ad: "Lana-L.A."

All erotic, I lose my lyme solicitor, Ella.

Amiable was I ere I saw Elba, Ima.

Ana, nab a banana.

Analytic Paget saw an inn in a waste-gap city, Lana.

And DNA and DNA and DNA ...

And E.T. saw waste DNA.

Animal loots foliated detail of stool lamina.

Anna: "Did Otto peep?" Otto: "Did Anna?"

Anna was mad, no kayak on dam saw Anna.

Anne, I stay a day at Sienna.

Anne, I vote more cars race Rome to Vienna.

Apple ho ! Help, Pa!

Arden saw I was Nedra.

Are poets a waste? Opera!

Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era?

Are we not drawn onwards, we Jews, drawn onward to new era?

Are we not, Rae, near to new era?

Ban campus motto, "Bottoms up, MacNab."

Bird rib.

Bob, level Bob.

Bob: "Did Anna peep?" Anna: "Did Bob?"

Bombard a drab mob.

Boston did not sob.

Boston, O do not sob.

Bush saw Sununu swash sub.

But sad Eva saved a stub.

Cain: A maniac!

Camus sees sumac.

Cigar? Too tragic!

Cigar? Toss it in a can, it is so tragic.

Cleveland DNA: Level C.


Daedalus: nine, Peninsula: dead.

Dairy myriad.

Dee saw a seed.

Deer flee freedom in Oregon? No, Geronimo — deer feel freed.

"Degenerate Moslem, a cad!" Eva saved a camel so Meta reneged.

Degenerative Tulsa slut (Evita) reneged.


Deirdre wets altar of St. Simons — no mists, for at last ewer dried.

Dek's a sassy banana, my man — an abyss as asked!

Del saw a sled.

Delia and Edna ailed.

Delia failed.

Delia sailed as a sad Elias ailed.

Delia sailed, Eva waved, Elias ailed.

Delia saw I was ailed.

Delia, here we nine were hailed.

Deliver, Eva, him I have reviled.

"Deliver My Band's DNA," by Mr. Evil Ed.

Denim axes examined.

Dennis and Edna sinned.

Dennis sinned.

Dennis, no misfit can act if Simon sinned.

Deny me not; atone, my Ned.

Depardieu, go razz a rogue I draped.

Desserts I desire not, so long no lost one rise distressed.

Desserts, I stressed!


Devil Natasha, ah, Satan lived !

Di, did I as I said I did?Did Dean aid Diana? Ed did.

Did Hannah say as Hannah did?

Did Hannah see bees? Hannah did.

Did I dine, Enid? I did!

Didi won straw warts? Now I did!

Did I do, O God, did I as I said I'd do? Good, I did!

Did I draw Della too tall, Edward? I did!

Do geese see God?

Do good? I? No! Evil anon I deliver. I maim nine more hero-men in Saginaw, sanitary sword a-tuck, Carol, I — lo! — rack, cut a drowsy rat in Aswan. I gas nine more hero-men in Miami. Reviled, I (Nona) live on. I do, O God!

Do not start at rats to nod.

Do, O God, no evil deed, live on, do good.

Doc, note I dissent: a fast never prevents a fatness. I diet on cod.

Dog-deifiers reified God.

Dog embargo: O grab me, God!

Dog, as a devil deified, lived as a god.

Dog — no poop on God!

Dogma in my hymn: I am God!

Dogma: I am God.

"Do nine men interpret?" "Nine men," I nod.

Don't nod.

Doom an evil deed, liven a mood.

Dot saw I was Tod.

Dot sees Tod.

Dr. Awkward

Drab as a fool, aloof as a bard.

Drab bard.

Drat Sadat, a dastard!

Drat Saddam, a mad dastard!

Draw no dray a yard onward.

Draw pupil's lip upward.

Draw putrid dirt upward.

Draw, O Caesar, erase a coward.

Draw, O coward!

Drawer's reward.

Drawn inward.

Drowsy baby's word.

Duo loved Devo loud.

Dumb mobs bomb mud.

Dumb mud.

E. Borgnine drags Dad's gardening robe.

Ed is on no side.

Ed, I saw Harpo Marx ram Oprah W. aside.

Ed: a general, a renegade.

Egad! A base tone denotes a bad age

Egad! Loretta has Adams mad as a hatter. Old age!

Egad! No bondage!

Egad, a base life defiles a bad age.

Egad, an adage!

Elf farm raffle.

Elk cackle.

Embargos are macabre. Sad Nell, listen O! not to no nets — I'll lend a Serb a camera so grab me!

Emil asleep, Hannah peels a lime.

Emil saw a slime.

Emil, a sleepy baby peels a lime.

Emit Eno one time.

Emit a mile, lima time.

Emit no tot on time.

Enola Devil lived alone.

Er, go on, trap Steven in, I say. Me oh my! Nor can an "air" bee sew. We see, Brian. An acronym? Hoe my asinine vet's part? No, ogre!

Ergo — ogre!

Eros' sis is sore

Eros? Sidney, my end is sore!

Et tu, Butte?

Euston saw I was not Sue.

Eva can ignite virtuosos out riveting in a cave.

Eva, can I pose as Aesop in a cave?

             Eva, can I stab bats in a cave?

I got these neat palindromes from many diferent sites to numerous to list.  If you notice that some of these are from your sight, just post a message on the message board with your site, and your name, and i would be happy to post it here!


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